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(南千住, 東京)


Ku-Ra-Sou House
(Minami-senju, Tokyo)

Themed showroom by Tokyo Gas showcasing ecologically conscious fixtures and furnishings powered by fuel cells. This was a residence equipped with next-generation amenities that generated heat and electricity using natural gas, which is kinder to the environment. Although the house was furnished with the most advanced equipment possible, we designed this showroom based on a traditional Japanese lifestyle. With this in mind, we provided for low sofas and chairs in front of and around the (gas) fireplace, and even lowered the floor height of the kitchen in an attempt to create a relaxed space ideal for unwinding. Other design touches that prioritized communication among family members included a footbath corner in the living room around which the family could gather for conversation, and an open kitchen designed to accommodate the height of one's eye level.

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