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(南千住, 東京)


Ku-Ra-Sou House
(Minami-senju, Tokyo)

Ku-Ra-Sou House
is a concept house with accommodation functions that proposes a lifestyle with usage of a new energy source from Tokyo Gas. Through heat and power generation by natural gas and solar energy, the house presents a new way of thinking about energy, as well as suggesting lifestyles. Citizens desire to stabilize their living, and are becoming more conscious about "marking an environmental contribution / with their family". For the renewed Ku-Ra-Sou House, two different types of lifestyles, families and retired people, were simulated as styles of living that meet the needs of the times. These two houses use materials that are rooted in the Japanese climate, such as colored plaster for families and Japanese paper for retired households, and they present spaces with Japanese materials and styles in the lifestyles that utilize state-of-the-art energy technologies.(Ku-Ra-Sou House is the R&D facility of Tokyo Gas Co., Lid.)

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